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    The Chatter House, a restaurant chain located in a posh locales in Delhi. Bringing alive the very essence of European pub culture, The Chatter House aims to be the perfect getaway from everyday life. This gastropub is the centre of social experiences, a place where you can have a hearty chat while enjoying scrumptious food, refreshing beverages and live performances. The client required packaging, menu, tent cards etc to be designed in a way that captures the concept of the restaurant as well as the ambience.
    We took inspiration from the Victorian era and Irish themed pub adorned with classic chandeliers, old-world flooring, warm and welcoming wooden accents, cheerful brick walls, plush comfortable seating, tan leather and Irish music wall art. The design was kept very English with interesting one-liners which complimented the interiors and the entire concept. The end result got us another satisfied and amiable client.