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  • Zucchero





    Zucchero introduced its finest and most authentic peanut butter and granola bars for health-conscious people. They approached us for its packaging and visual design strategies. The images of good quality chocolates, peanuts and other nuts were added to enhance a better understanding of the product. The final packaging was neat and sharp displayed elegantly throughout the product variants. Variants of this product were given different background colours and themes to justify their flavours and vitals.

    From Zucchero peanut butter packaging to Zucchero's energy bar range packaging, we maintained the imagery in a way that the consumer can identify the brand products effortlessly. For different flavours and ingredients, we chose different and suitable colour backgrounds and themes. We chose a culinary mustard colour for the choco almond granola bar, mauve and ivory for the fruits and nuts, and a dark chocolate granola bar with high-quality infographics to display fruits and nuts. The final results were striking when placed on the retail counter.