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    A fashion and accessories brand Bulluka has a theme to have an element of blue in each of the pieces that are being created. The colour blue has an enduring association with royalty and divinity. This colour was the first man-made pigment and the story of blue is knotted with the story of man’s ability to innovate and create, and that’s what makes it special.

    To represent this special colour and concept of the brand, a logo had to be special as well. The client’s requirement was to create a logo that conveys the creation, innovation and artistry having a deep-rooted connection to the first man-made pigment. We conducted a lot of research to find a symbolic representation that is imbibed in the history of humankind. Hence the Triquetra, our interpretation is that Bulluka, with the power of blue and the creativity of diverse artists, binds itself in trinity to make you feel ready, complete, and accomplished. All combined together, BULLUKA is formed.