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    Harvest Gold



    Harvest Gold’s product ‘Halka Phulka’, a ready-to-cook Indian bread (Roti) is now available in a revamped packaging done by us. In our new packaging concept, our endeavour was to give it a simple, straightforward, cleaner and sharper look to make it easily recognisable by the mass. Since the product was ready-to-cook and not ready-to-eat, we realized that it can’t be showcased in a transparent pack.

    However, a full-sized puffed roti can be shown on the package itself to give it a more real and vibrant look, so that it is amply clear what is expected from the product after being cooked. The new logo of harvest gold was flaunted in the red ribbon prominently for brand recollection. The final results met more than clients expectations and the product and its variants are already getting recognized and are a success in retail.